Arthur Hanlon & LA Friends Mario Domm, Jorge Gaxiola & Anthony Fedorov Get Down ‘Gringo en la Habana’ Style


The pianist, composer & arranger performed at Hollywood’s Catalina Jazz Club as part of his U.S. tour before heading to New York’s Sony Hall on Nov. 5.

Arthur Hanlon, sporting a blue-and-white guayabera shirt, took to the Catalina Jazz Club stage in Hollywood as part of his Gringo en la Habana tour. It was a night filled with musical performances that included some of the pianist and composer's friends, from Mario Domm of the Latin pop group Camila to Jorge Gaxiola, the frontman of the regional Mexican band Voz de Mando.

Throughout the night, Hanlon charmed with the music he's written through the years such as "Paraiso" from the 2005 La Gorda Linda album. He performed with a five-piece band that included Richard Bravo on drums, Jerry Bravo on bass, Pedro Navarro on guitar and Ana Belén on vocals/flute.

Here are some highlights from the Gringo en la Habana LA tour stop:

Hanlon & Domm: Hanlon and Domm delivered an endearing version of Domm's "Todo Cambio." Domm's R&B/pop vocals and Hanlon's masterful work on the piano took everyone to a different place. Is this a hint at a duets project? That would be rad.

Voz de Mando: Jorge Gaxiola, who fronts the LA-based Regional Mexican band Voz de Mando, took to the stage as well to perform a bolero with Hanlon. This set was also spectacular and intimate. Gaxiola tells Billboard he has no plans to release any bolero projects in the near
future, but performing this genre with Hanlon definitely upped the bolero game.

Personality jingle: At random, Hanlon picked someone from the audience. It happened to be Apple's Krys De Luna, who went up to the stage and spoke briefly to Hanlon about who she was. Within a few seconds, Hanlon created a sweet melody for De Luna, who was all smiles.

Kiss me mucho: One of the evening's most poetic moments was when singer Anthony Fedorov (who competed on season 4 of American Idol) took the stage to perform with Hanlon. They performed a captivating version of "Besame Mucho."


‘Gringo En La Habana' Tour, Los Angeles, Calif., Oct. 16.

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Editor's note: Arthur Hanlon is married to Billboard's VP/Latin industry, Leila Cobo.