Arrest Warrant Issued For R. Kelly Manager Over Alleged Threat Against Father of Singer's Girlfriend: Report


An arrest warrant has reportedly been issued for R. Kelly's manager after he allegedly threatened the life  the father one the singer's live-in girlfriends. According to TMZ, police in Henry County, Georgia, issued the warrant against Kelly manager James Mason after Timothy Savage claimed that Mason had made a "very specific death threat" against him.

Billboard has reached out to both Mason and the Henry County Sheriff's Department; the latter said that they were not legally permitted to discuss warrant information over the phone.

Timothy Savage has been speaking out for months about his claims that Kelly has been keeping his daughter Joycelyn Savage captive, as part what has been described as an alleged "sex cult." In May, TMZ reported that Savage told police that Mason called him and left a message in which he allegedly said, "I'm gonna do harm to you and your family, when I see you I'm gonna get you, I'm going to fucking kill you." Police reportedly want to bring Mason in on the warrant tied to terroristic threats and acts.

Joycelyn Savage has appeared in several videos in the past few months in which she appeared to refute the claims that Kelly is holding her hostage. The singer has been under increased scrutiny over the past year in light the multiple reports about his relationships with several young women, as well as assault and sexual abuse claims from his ex-wife and a number former girlfriends.

Mason, who denies the threats, reportedly told TMZ that his lawyers plan to contact Henry County ficials and that he intends to cooperate. Kelly appeared to hit back at the mounting allegations against him last week on the 19-minute track "I Admit," in which the singer seemingly fired back at his accusers, those who have allegedly taken advantage him over the years and the journalist who has doggedly pursued the stories his reported sexual misconduct.