Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns Home After Successful Heart Surgery


Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly left Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after successful cardiac surgery. The procedure was put in place by medical interventionists responding to a resurgence Arnold’s congenital heart defect, which he first received treatment for in 1997.

The former Governor and action star had been tweeting from his hospital bed since Thursday, giving his supporters an update on his condition. He also showed gratitude over his bedside care.

His spokesman, Daniel Ketchell, confirmed the news his return, citing he was alive and well. Funny enough, Arnold’s first words upon waking from surgery was a fitting “I’m Back,” a taunt normally reserved for his antagonistic foes. In a sense, he was fighting a villain sorts

This marks the second time, Arnold has undergone a pulmonic valve replacement. The first procedure was never meant to be permanent, it was intended a vast period gradual diminution, the latest surgery far less invasive than the last. An open heart surgery team was present during the ordeal in case complications. By all accounts, the procedure was a success and Arnold fans can breathe a collective sigh relief.