Armin van Buuren, Vini Vici and ALOK Feel 'United' With the World On New Track: Listen


Music is one the world's most uniting forces. It's a universal language. We speak the beat, and we find each other on the dance floor, and nowhere is that felt more than the fields Tomorrowland. It's one the largest music festivals in the world, and it brings roughly 400,000 partiers to Boom, Belgium, every year. People wave their flags, representing their nationalities for all to see, but they jump in unison to the pulsing bass, and that vision helped inspire Armin van Buuren's absolute heater "United," featuring Vini Vici and ALOK.

The legendary trance DJ and producer debuted "United" for the crowds Tomorrowland alongside his excited collaborators. It was the perfect atmosphere for the earth-shattering booms. It's huge right from the gate with the sound crowds chanting and, interestingly, almost medieval melodies. A hard-hitting beat gives the song edgy backbone, and it only gets more massive with each passing minute.

"United" is out now on Armada Music today (Aug. 3). If you need something to get you pumped all weekend long, this is the tune.

Listen to "United" below, and don't say we didn't warn you.