Ariano Ft. Josh Dominguez "No Avatar (Show Me Who You Are)"


Ariano links with Josh Dominguez for the second release off his new LP titled “F… You, I Love You, Pay Me.”  The single “Avatar” takes listeners through an altered ‘wizard of oz’ journey social media.

The duo shed light on masked identities tainted by social media and plea for people to reveal their souls and indulge in human contact.

The array of thrilling cadences and striking beats intensify the candid message. Stream “Avatar” above.

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Ariano Ft. Josh Dominguez "No Avatar (Show Me Who You Are)"

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“This is my best work because it’s my most raw and in your face,” Ariano explains, adding that he produced, recorded, mixed and mastered every song. “It’s an album that helped me grow and return to a sound. I also freestyled the whole album—each song was one take, purposely leaving room for mistakes. It also felt good to rap again on this project.”