Ariana Grande's Mom Joan Posts Touching Message to Demi Lovato: 'With Support and Love, She Will Succeed!'


The enormous amounts love and best wishes for Demi Lovato continue to pour in on Wednesday (July 25) following the singer's hospitalization Tuesday for a reported overdose, including an uplifting message from Joan Grande, mom Ariana and Frankie Grande.

In her Twitter message, Joan wrote, "I am knocked down over Demi, and I pray that she recovers quickly and finds sobriety again. It is work, hard work, but with support and love, she will succeed!" Grande also praised Demi for being there when her son Frankie was working on getting sober himself — after turning to alcohol and prescription pills following the Manchester bombing outside his sister's concert — and for being supportive Ariana's career, "sharing her experiences with the fame and celebrity and notoriety growing up in a very public space."

Joan went on to encourage people not to find self-worth in criticizing other people and to remember that "not one fan base is better than the other."

Ariana shared her mother's message with her millions Twitter followers, tweeting, "Mom wrote something beautiful. Check it out. Much love." Frankie also sent a message to Demi, writing, "I’m here for u & anyone else struggling with this disease."

Check out the family's tweets below.