Ariana Grande Defends Putting a Song Named 'Pete' on 'Sweetener'


After revealing the track list Sweetener includes a song titled "Pete," Ariana Grande has apparently seen some pushback from naysayers on social media.

The singer, who recently got engaged to Pete Davidson and has been hyping the release her forthcoming fourth studio album, got vocal with critics on Instagram Thursday (July 19).

"he's my fiancé," she reminded them, commenting on an image teasing the titles three Sweetener's songs. "this is my album. i'm an honest & emotional artist & human being and if my openness in my work isn't for u, that's ok i won't be fended."

Grande added that the trio track names shown in the Instagram image — "Better Off," "Goodnight N Go" and "Pete" — are all "really beautiful. i know i said i don't have favorites but these and r.e.m. are really up there."

"it's a special song ab the most special human being i've eva met. also the song is sick," she wrote about in another comment, referring back to "Pete."

Listen to the song when Sweetener drops on August 17.