Ariana Grande Checks Fan Who Accuses Her Of Autotune: "Let Me Live, Like Damn"


She’s ignored people who have judged her authenticity, her relationships, and her looks, but when it comes to her vocals, Ariana Grande won’t stand for the criticism. The Grammy Award-winning singer’s talents have been praised by her peers and the generation of powerhouse divas who have come before her, and while some may not be fans of her voice, the general consensus agrees that Ariana Grande can belt out a tune.

When a clip of Ariana singing live was reposted on Instagram, there was someone who still wasn’t convinced that Ariana’s talent could be done that well live. “It sounds like autotune and probably not live,” the person said. “I mean, you’re a great singer and I love your voice and songs but this doesn’t sound live.”

This meaningless comment got under Ariana’s skin because she felt the need to take the time to respond. “Naw, with all due respect, I could do this in your living room for you, fam,” she said. “With no sound mixing or help at all. I could do it on Broadway (and did). I can do it in the shower. In the car. It’s my gift / it’s why I’m here. I sing 30+ songs a night. Every word. It’s my thing. Let me shine like damn.”