Ari Lennox Slays Her Television Debut Performing "Shea Butter Baby" Hits


Ari Lennox dropped off her smooth debut album at the top of May that was filled with beloved hits such as “Whipped Cream” and the J. Cole-assisted track Shea Butter Baby. The album took some time to come to life, but it’s something Ari had faith in, knowing it was the right time once it finally did arrive for her fans. “Everything happens for a reason,” she previously explained. “And I feel like it makes me stronger. But I’m also just like, ‘Yo, it’s time for this project to drop […] A lot of these songs I’ve been holding on to for a long time. I just want the world to hear them. And then, finally, I can exhale.” 

The 28-year-old Washington, DC-bred singer has now made her television debut on The Jimmy Fallon Show where she performed sweet renditions of “BMO” and “Up Late” for the studio audience that couldn’t help but cheer her on. Ari wore the same red furry coat she rocked in the “Up Late” visuals that was also accompanied by Masego. 

“R&B just takes some time to bubble,” Ari’s manager, Justin LaMotte, said of the singer’s debut album. “Ari’s on a hip-hop label, but she doesn’t need to release music as rapidly as her labelmate. We can move at our own pace.”