Argonaut & Wasp Channel ’80s Synth-Pop Hooks on ‘Saigon’: Exclusive


It's summer 2019, and synth-pop is back in a big way. All across the country, dancers are boogying to the clang of guitars and singing along to original vocal hooks like it's Manchster circa 1983, but in New York City, it's Argonaut & Wasp supplying the infectious hooks.

The discotized duo, composed of Trey Schibli and Theo Klein, take a lot of cues from '70s funk and '80s synth-pop culture, with a healthy serving of mid-aught dance-rock too. Their latest single "Saigon" is funky and infectious with bright guitars and steady synth drums that break in the style of New Order's "Blue Monday." It's the kind of tune you only have to hear once to love, and we've got the exclusive below.

"I was torn, losing sleep," Schibli tells Billboard Dance about "Saigon." "I wanted to look to the future with open arms, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified too. Exhausted. Paranoid. And with too much red wine, I brought form to my thoughts and found myself reveling in the Dystopia-Techa sound of 'Saigon.'"

When Argonaut & Wasp hit the stage, the duo becomes a four-piece to bring all these layers of sound to life. The group recently sold-out NYC's Rought Trade, with a few upcoming dates across the US from Aug. 20 in Los Angeles through October. "Saigon" is out everywhere Tuesday, Aug. 13, but you can listen to it a day ahead of schedule, exclusively on Billboard Dance.