Argentine Pop Duo Miranda! on Why They Are ‘Classic’: Interview


In the debate over what makes an artist or group a classic, the issue can be turned into something measurable, such as album or ticket sales, and there are those who attribute it to the artistic proposal and what it generated on the scene.

Miranda! fulfills both of those requirements. For the Argentine electropop band, being a classic or becoming a classic is more related to persistence and endurance.

While they turn 19 as a group, and with a pile of hits on their backs, Ale Sergi and Juliana Gattas wrote a chapter of their own in the history of Argentine popular music. The number of pages they'll write is up to them, but their name has already been immortalized in the national songbook.

Recently, the duo released "Me Gustas Tanto," which ends the week at No. 76 on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100. Here, Sergi and Gattas talk to Billboard Argentina:

What were you conquering 19 years ago, and what are you conquering now?

Ale Sergi: 19 years ago, we were starting and conquering our anxiety. Miranda! is a momentum group, so there wasn't much organization at the beginning. And now, I don't know if "conquer" is the word but somehow, we are reaffirming ourselves. I am pleasantly surprised that there are people who follow and want to listen to our music that came out so long ago.

We feel that we have passed to the category of a classic group. People at the beginning did not understand where we came from, and now they do. Deep down, we were always as clear as we could be. Over time, people understood what the group was going to do. Although we didn't invent anything new, when we started, there was nothing like us on the scene.

Why do they perceive it as "classic"?

Juliana Gattas: I understand that it is perceived as a classic today, but it has to do with an insistence of style, rather than doing the same. We felt that we were advancing, evolving, and we moved a lot with the influences that appeared. We listen all the time, especially to Alejandro, and to new music that excites and entertains us.

Sergi: When I say "classic," I mean that the group leaves no doubt as to its trajectory. Then when they look at you, they may like it more or less, but people recognize that we have been generating interest for a long time. I am excited to think that in the history of Argentine music that we like, we have our own little place.

In that sense, how did you keep the Miranda! DNA in the music without repeating the formula?

Gattas: DNA has to do with never considering changing. For some reason, we are still passionate about the genetic idea of ​​the group, which was to make a dance, disco, colorful, fun and entertaining band in every way. You don't know how eager I am to go out to sing, I'm dying. And the public is waiting for something more than songs, one after the other. We seek to provide that, an experience.

We never get tired of us. Maybe in "Es Imposible" we sounded rockier, but the disco, the dance, and the visual elements are always present, and it is our idiosyncrasy.

You toured Latin America recently, and we are in a great time for Latin music. Is there a regional plan for the group?

Sergi: We never plan. We go on a song by song, record by record basis. We were already doing things outside, somehow. But now, having released "Fuerte," the first one with Sony, we've had great support and visited almost all of Latin America. But we do not have a conquest plan.