Argentina's Wine Rock Festival Toasts Record Attendance in 8th Year


With record attendance, the eighth edition Argentina's Wine Rock festival fused music, good food and great wine once more.

Set between the vineyards Monteviejo and the Andes mountain range, the place was a rendezvous point for local cellars and A-list performers. Such a novel approach earned the organizers the gold medal by the national chapter Great Wine Capitals, as well as being defined as “touristically significant” by the Ministry Tourism, both by the federal government and the province Mendoza.

Massacre's powerful performance closed a day with a huge mix styles between the twin stages the festival. 

By nightfall, as one the figures an eclectic lineup, Emmanuel Horvilleur shined with his solo hits, supported by a solid band, a show he had prepared for the Lollapalooza before it was cancelled due to bad weather. Before him, Vanthra, the trio commanded by Catupecu Machu's Fernando Ruiz Diaz, presented their first fering. The singer praised the inclusion local and new bands to the lineup, among them 4to Espacio, Javier Montalto, Sebastián Garay, David De Mata, Paula Neder, Lupus and The Cellars, among others.

Earlier in the day, Coti roused the crowd with his radio hits, while Indios showcased their solid sound. Ivan Noble, in the meantime, took a minimalist approach while he sang Caballeros de la Quema and solo tunes, mixed with a few covers, including Fito Paez. There were a few collaborations and special guests: Gillespi's set invited Juanchi Baleirón, Marcelo Blanco and Willy Crook, in what became a highlight the event.

And, there was plenty wine through the Wine Institute Mendoza. Goblets from Marcelo Pelleriti Wines, Clos de los 7, Diamandes, Relator, De Ángeles, Domados, Michelini, Chaman Wines and Bodega Rolland clinked as they toasted to the repeated success an innovative festival.

Argentina's Wine Rock Festival Toasts Record Attendance in 8th Year