Aretha Franklin Went From Having No Will To Having Three


Motown legend Aretha Franklin left us in August 2018, and since that time her estate has been in a little bit of a tizzy. Arbitrators have attempted to settle her debts, a number that reportedly includes five million dollars in taxes. No one could believe that the 76-year-old multi-millionaire music icon didn’t leave behind a will, but now it’s being reported that Franklin isn’t as irresponsible as some have alleged.

Overnight, the singer went from having no wills to having three after the documents were found in random places inside her home. The Blast reports that Sabrina Owens, the head of Franklin’s estate, recently told a judge that she’d located a will. Owens said that while visiting Franklin’s Michigan estate she found a key to a cabinet she was previously unable to open. “Inside the cabinet, Owens found two purported holographic wills signed by Franklin,” The Blast states. “The documents were dated June 2010 and October 2010. She then found a spiral notebook in the living room couch with another purported will, dating back to 2014.”

Aretha Franklin Went From Having No Will To Having Three
 bhy Hulton Archive/Getty Images

According to the wills, Franklin wanted to take care of her sons. Both Edward and Kecalf was to receive one of her homes and a monthly allowance for their bills. They were also ordered to attend “business administration” courses or receive a degree in order to receive their portions of their inheritance. Franklin stated that she would cover the cost of their schooling.

She also listed her Warner Music Group royalties at $1.6 million, which is to be evenly divided to her four children. Her memorabilia was to be split among her children, as well, and her cars were to be sold off. This all seems well and good, but the estate, along with a court, is currently scrutinizing the handwritten wills to check for their validity.