Aretha Franklin Reportedly Had $1 Million Worth Of Uncashed Checks


Aretha Franklin sadly passed away on August 16th of last year from pancreatic cancer and new reports now suggest that the “Respect” singer had more than enough money laying around in the form of uncashed checks. According to Billboard, a new inventory of Aretha’s assets found checks from Sound Exchange, Screen Writers Guild, her publishing company Springtime Publishing, as well as EMI, BMI, Carlin Music and Feel Good Films. One check amounted to $702,711.90 while another was for $285,944.27 with a grand total of $988,656.17.

Aretha Franklin Reportedly Had $1 Million Worth Of Uncashed Checks
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

When Aretha passed it was reported that she had no will leaving her assets to be divided into four for her sons Clarence, Edward, Teddy and Kecalf. Nine months after her passing, it was revealed that three wills had been found in Aretha’s home, meaning the splitting of assets would be changed. Each of Aretha’s children grabbed a lawyer and appointed their cousin Sabrina Owens as the representative of Aretha’s estate but her work is not being praised. 

“It is totally unacceptable that it has taken a year for the heirs to begin find out what their mother owned on the date of her death,” Kecalf’s attorneys stated ni documents. “To date, the heirs still do not know what was owned on Aretha Franklin’s date of death.”