Arctic Monkey's Give an Electrified Performance Of 'She Looks Like Fun' On 'The Late Late Show': Watch


Drastically contrasting their mellow, psychedelic performance on The Tonight Show last week (May 11), Arctic Monkeys returned to the stage on Monday night (May 15) on The Late Late Show to give a driving, guitar-heavy performance “She Looks Like Fun” from their new concept album Tranquility Base Hotel.

Singer Alex Turner, looking louche in red pants, a black tailored shirt and tinted ator glasses, grabbed a guitar and tossed his lanky hair back and forth on the suave track’s boisterous chorus. Crooning like an oily lounge singer, Turner sang the lines “Finally, I can share with you through cloudy skies/ Every whimsical thought that enters my mind/ There's no limit to the length the dickheads we can be,” as a horizontal bank flickering lights flashed behind him while he gripped the microphone for dear life.

Check out the hard-hitting performance below: