Arcángel Dies for Love in New ‘Memoria Rota’ Video With Myke Towers: Premiere


Arcángel has let out all his feelings and, with the help of Myke Towers, released "Memoria Rota" (Broken Memory), a Latin trap song that talks about impossible-to-save relationships and memories that only hurt the heart. The video is premiering exclusively below on Billboard.

“This is one of my favorite songs,” Arcángel says in a press statement, previously telling Billboard that his new album is coming soon and that he will have his best musical compositions on it.

The Puerto Rican artist also has a new video, directed by Fernando Lugo, that totally represents a heartbreaking story and is shocking — especially when you see it the first time.


In certain scenes, someone is stabbing Arcángel and what the scenes represent are the memories inside his head about his relationship with the girl, and each stab is an analogy referring to the betrayals she committed — even when he kept trying to save their relationship. In the end, the girl ends up killing Arcangel, but his death in the video only represents the death of her illusions and her love for him, because everything happens inside her mind.

"Memoria Rota" is Arcangel’s second official single as an independent artist.

Watch the video below: