Apple’s New iOS 13.2 Beta Includes 230 New Emoji Varients


With Apple’s release of the iOS 13.2 beta earlier this week, users gained access to a plethora of new emojis. The new iOS update includes 59 new unique emojis, but when accounting for other variations like skin tone, gender and more, there are 230 variations of new emojis. This beta is the first time users have been able to use the emojis previewed by Apple earlier this year for World Emoji Day. 

The surplus of new options includes new animals such as a service dog, an otter, a skunk and more. The update also incorporates a key focus on inclusivity. The full breakdown on the Emojipedia website says, “Now on the iOS emoji keyboard, a choice of three options is available: woman, person, or man. Unlike other implementations, Apple’s gender options are not contained within a submenu on the emoji keyboard and are instead shown side by side on the top level. This means a gender-inclusive office worker, singer, vampire or merperson can now be sent, alongside the previous options available for women or men.”

There is no official date for the full iOS 13.2 release, and presumably, the emojis implemented in this beta are subject to change based on user reaction before they are fully available to the public.