Apple’s AirPods Pro Announcement Elicits Comparison To This Pokemon


There is no mistaking the absolute convenience that Apple’s Airpods bring to us on a daily basis. You don’t have to worry about untangling any wires anymore. All you’ve got to do is slap in one bud into your ear and the second in the next. Then, you’re all set to go for your morning jog, your daily commute, and more. Despite the original design still being relatively new, Apple is continuing to innovate by announcing the Apple Airpods Pro, which features a new design and noise cancellation. At a slightly higher price point, Apple fanatics are a little disappointed that they already have to get rid of their original purchases. The new pods will reportedly fit more comfortably in your ears but the design of them is what has social media howling. In fact, some people think the AirPods Pro look like a particular Pokemon.

Skeptics and those who are simply disinterested in the new reveal have said that the new design of the earbuds looks shockingly like Bellsprout, and to be honest, that kind of makes sense. Bell’s suction cup mouth mimics the design of the AirPod Pro, which has more support to stay in your ear when listening to music.

Are you a fan of the new design of the AirPods? Are you copping a pair?