Apple Says They Are Not Shutting Down iTunes Music Downloads


Earlier this week we posted on the reports that Apple was set to make a major change to iTunes by no longer allowing music downloads. The reports came from rumours this happening years before and a recent interview with Apple executive Jimmy Iovine, where he hinted at a major change to the platform. 

After the possible change took over some headlines, HipHopDX  reached out to an Apple PR who told the publication that “it’s simply not true.” So there we have it, music downloads iTunes are still a thing.

Speaking  Jimmy, he recently chatted about his Netflix documentary The Defiant Ones that chronicle the development he and Dr. Dre's business partnership, including the creation the company Beats.

“I wanted to tell the story a white guy and a black guy from two racially challenged neighbourhoods who come together after 20 years their career and work together and have to overcome those things they’ve learnt in the past; Fear, trust all that stuff,” he told The Evening Standard.

“I was nervous because there was a lot stuff that went on. Some it was uncomfortable, some it was hard, it was always hard,” he added. “There are certain things I would have done differently but as a whole I worked very hard, my intentions were good and I’m always willing to talk about when I screwed up.”