Apple Patents Reveal MacBook With 2 Screens


Apple is always pushing for a change in what we’re familiar with. Over the past few decades we’ve seen them slowly phase out and change ports and plugs in our electronics. While their line MacBook’s are looking as sleek as ever, there still remain features we can simplify further; like the keyboard and trackpad. It appears that patents are pointing toward the possibility a laptop with two screens.

The patents have been recently approved and take cues from the handheld, video game console your childhood, the Nintendo DS. The second screen is meant to be a replacement interface for input methods like keys and touchpad buttons. It will also amplify the ability to write and sketch on to your laptop rather than using a tablet device. Two different versions point towards a laptop with a hinge, and the other being two separate devices with the ability to connect.

Apple certainly is scheming up an ambitious device. While there seem to be drawbacks, Apple may already have it covered. They intend to use polarizing elements in the screens to avoid reflection and glare from one another. This news comes to us shortly after pictures the iPhone X Plus leaked online.