Apple Music Unveils Free Data Analytics Tool for Artists, Managers


Apple Music for Artists provides detailed metrics on an artist’s streaming impact in more than 100 countries

Think the band is "big in Japan?" Now, an app can verify that. 

On Thursday (August 8), Apple Music for Artists, a free analytics tool for verified musicians and their camps, launched on Apple Music. The product, available on desktop or iOS devices, uses Apple Music streaming data to give artists a comprehensive picture of their global impact and industry milestones.

Apple Music for Artists’s metrics update daily, allowing users to see who is listening to what songs, how many times, and where they’re listening from (and the same for music videos). This feature was created with idea of helping artists strategically plan tours and regional promotions, tailer set lists in cities based on listening patterns or find unlikely cities full of underserved fans.

According to an Apple Music representative prior to the launch, the product spent years in Beta, allowing the team to receive feedback and requests from artists and managers about the insights that would be most meaningful and yield greater connection to their fans.

In that vein, one of the more distinctive features of the new product is how it incorporates Shazam data (including top Shazamed cities and countries) into the artist profiles. The most-Shazamed songs list reflects songs that are catching on more organically, since those listeners may be hearing (and are presumably, curious) about the music and may not know the artist. The geographic component then allows the artist to see where in the world that engagement is happening. 

Other notable features that emerged from the Beta feedback are Apple Playlist inclusions, letting artists know what curated playlists their songs appear in — and where those tracks are positioned in said playlist — and which countries spin that playlist most. They can also see across which countries your song is included in the playlist.