Apple Music Launches ‘Replay’ Feature to Revisit Old Favorites


Apple Music has launched a way to look back at the music you’ve enjoyed this year with Apple Music Replay, a new feature that will allow users to review the songs, albums and artists they enjoyed the most this year. Much like Spotify’s annual Wrapped website that lets users review the music they played the most in the past year, Apple Music Replay will let listeners view what songs they streamed the most and automatically create a playlist from it that can be shared.

Apple Music Replay will also create playlists for years past, allowing users to revisit their favorite tracks since they signed up for Apple Music. Replay playlists will be available year-round and can be saved to users' library. The playlists will be updated every Sunday allowing users to track how their tastes change throughout the year.

Apple says the 2020 version of replay will be available “early next year” which means users won’t have to wait until the end of the year to find out what tracks they stream the most.

Apple Music Replay is available right now at