Apple Music Gains Popularity Worldwide, Spotify & Amazon Hold Market Shares: Study


MIDiA’s mid-year international streaming report reveals”powerful but sustained, instead of strongly accelerating, expansion ”

Apple Music's worldwide market share grew 2% in the first half the year, attaining 19 percent global streamers, according to a study by MIDiA. Meanwhile, the report reveals Spotify and Amazon holding relatively stable with 36 percentage and 12 percentage, respectively. 

MIDiA's Global Streaming Music Subscription Market H1 2018 report discovered music readers climbed 16 percentage in the first half year, attaining 229.5 million individuals globally — upward from 198.6 million in the conclusion 2017. (That's a 38 percent growth year-over-year, up 62.8 million readers in exactly the exact same period this past year.) Global music subscription revenue was 3. 498 billion. )

“This signifies strong but continuing, instead of strongly accelerating, expansion: 60.8 million new subscribers were inserted between H1 2016 and H1 2017. This suggests that subscriber growth stays about the faster-growth midpoint the S-curve,” writes MIDiA managing manager Mark Mulligan

MIDiA anticipates strong, continuing growth to continue in the second half 2018, hypothesizing ​this flowing expansion phase will continue until mid-2019, at which stage the”early-follower segments will likely be tapped out in developed markets.” Then, expansion will be pushed my mid-tier loading markets, for example Japan, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and Russia, that are revealing potential to induce strong subscriber growth but particular with all the latter three — will probably demand more mid-tier merchandise ferings. One such merchandise could be cheap content packages, as the Brazilian marketplace has seen with telco brands. 

If streaming businesses don’t make their products available to lower income customers, their solutions will be restricted to wealthy elites, the study cautions. Of class, using a content marketing strategy, earnings per user reduces, probably resulting in earnings growth luminous even as readers sign up. 

Specific to solutions, Spotify has gained or preserved market share each six months because Q4 2016. Its present 36 percentage marketshare contains 83 million readers, including 11.9 million new subscribers in the first half or 2018 — 39 percentage all net new subscribers, more than any other music service at the timeframe. 

Apple Music's 19 percentage market share is up three points in precisely the exact same period this past year, totaling 43.5 million readers. Of that the 9.2 million subscribers included within the initial six months 2018, the analysis says the United States has been the important growth market — in which Apple Music is reported to direct Spotify in paying admissions . 

Amazon's Prime Music and Amazon Music services included under half a stage market share, remaining relatively steady in 12 percentage. The most expansion coming to Amazon Music grade, including 3.3 million to reach 9.5 million in H2 2018. Overall, Amazon had 27.9 million readers in the end the interval.

As nicely, Tencent Music ended the half year with 8% that the international marketshare, while Deezer, Google and Pandora each had 3%. 

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