Apple Is Readying A Pair Of High-End Over-Ear Headphones: Report


Apple is always looking for ways to infiltrate the ever-expansive tech market with their own unique and distinct developments. Whether it is their ubiquitous iPhone, or their tried-and-true Macbook computers, the tech giant has inserted itself into the daily lives’ millions consumers worldwide. One area the company is currently looking to make a bigger splash in is the headphone market.

Since introducing the Airpods last year, which have since become a resounding success with customers, Bloomberg reveals that Apple is looking to contribute to its budding audio repertoire. The company is allegedly manufacturing their first pair high-end over-ear headphones, which will effectively provide further competition with brands like Bose and Beats By Dre, which they currently own. 

Details about this forthcoming endeavour remain relatively scant as now. However, the device is reportedly going to include an active noise-cancelling feature, as well as the same seamless connective capabilities their Airpods. Apple is said to be readying this new product launch for the end the year, although, supposed development issues could be a factor in an otherwise tentative release date. 

If they are anything similar to the Airpod, except consumer pandemonium and long waitlists once these headphones make their retail debut.