Apple AirPods 3 Is Rumored To Be Dropping Fall 2019 With Noise Cancellation


Apple is rumored to be releasing the 3rd gen AirPods sometime in the autumn months of 2019. This comes off the heels of the tech giant’s introducing the 2nd generation AirPods complete with a convenient Siri function and a wireless charging pack. The product hit the market at a marginal increase in price, with a ton of new features, plenty beyond use or necessity (the wireless pack stands above the rest).

Apple AirPods 3 Is Rumored To Be Dropping Fall 2019 With Noise Cancellation

Stephen Lam/Getty Images

The rumored 3rd gen launch hopes to incorporate an option that allows the listener the option of noise-cancellation technology. Within the same published report, it’s being said that Apple is focused on improving the Airpod’s battery life, but there’s a caveat.

Adding a noise-cancellation function would ironically effect the AirPod’s already meager battery life. In turn, Apple would have to markedly improve the product to strike a proper balance. It all amounts to the AirPods hitting the market well beyond the current $159 price point if all the reported changes were to come into effect. 

As of yet, Apple hasn’t confirmed this report with a published report of their own. By all accounts, the AirPods will resurface in the fall with something new to entice the Macintosh faithful. In other news, Apple Music is believed to have surpassed Spotify in the US market as the streaming service with the highest number of subscribers. Does a 3rd generation Airpods launch entice you in any way, comment below?