Aphex Twin Reveals Title Of New EP in Cryptic Teaser: See the Tweets


Mysterious Aphex Twin artwork has been sighted in public locations around the globe with no explanation — until now. 

Yesterday (Aug. 5), the electronic producer's label, Warp Records, shared a photo on Twitter featuring the same 3D logo, this time providing some more intel.

It looks like the new EP will be called Collapse, which is spelled out multiple times in the text. It's also hinted that the new EP will comprise five songs.

According to Stereogum, Adult Swim will be previewing the EP at 1:30 a.m. EDT tonight (Aug. 6). The channels' schedule lists a five-minute show titled Aphew Twin: Collpase right after its slated showing Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Check out Warp Records' new tweets below.