Anuel AA & Ozuna Celebrate Power, Fame & Money in Translated 'Brindemos' Lyrics


For two weeks in a row, Anuel AA leads Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart with his debut project Real Hasta La Muerte. This week, the Puerto Rican singer made his ficial debut on the Hot Latin Songs list, landing four tracks on the chart, including "Brindemos," featuring his best friend Ozuna, at No. 19.

What's so special about the song? Well, they simply cheer for success, highs and lows, friendship, power and much more. Read the full translated lyrics below:

Forgive me, my God, because I have sinned

All this money has me in love

Fame and power kidnaped me

But I'm not going to die


And now we're here, we're still here

I am untouchable like Pablo in Medellín

I'll never kill a brother like Cain

I have my soldiers like Osama and Hussein


Let's fer for all the money that we make

Let's fer for all the cars we have

Let's fer for all the squares that we

And to all the babies that we messed with


My brothers are dying for me

I'm dying for them too

The kilos on the skirts, the skirts on the boats

And per skirt the kilos are hundre’

I'm a star

I lift my chains as if I were in Bethlehem

And I have a cross on my dick

And I have your whore screaming "amen"

The red devil,

And you're going to die as Czech


Two hundred thousand in the neck

The kilos drug and I seal 'em

I send you in the express

And the Taliban falls f the camel

The Draco painted Louis Vuitton

The 9 full with the Button

Clips 30 I have a wagon

The globe the fourth generation

I bought the one from 50 to the Teton

In the helmet I put you million

And the cats are going to chase the mouse


I bought the Panamera

I sleep in my cell from the fridge

And the bastards who arrested me

They thought they fucked my career

But I made them million being in prison

And I'm untouchable inside and outside

And my whore is made complete

And they have an ass like Natalia Rivera


Lets fer for what we have

The ticket we made, the ticket that we make

From the music millions we collect

I traffic it to you as if it were poison

There is no one to compete with

Pablo and el Chapo, stick refill

One fails and I send you with the deceased to sleep

We hit on your whore

The account has no brake

Lets fer for them enemies

The way is direct and we don't fall, yeh

Patek, AP Tourbillon

Quote this combi is worth one million

I don't run with betrayal

I was selling a movie, now I mount a big movie

Lets fer, double A, in the game we are

We flip the cove and duplicate it, yeah