Anuel AA & Karol G’s Hotel Suite Reportedly Robbed


According to REMEZCLA, Anuel AA and Karol G recently found their hotel suite robbed in Chile. Apparently, unidentified thieves made off with an estimated three hundred thousand in stolen goods, including luggage, jewelry, and money. The incident appeared to have taken place during a show at Santiago’s Movistar Arena, one of many stops in the ongoing Culpables Tour. Upon returning to their room, Karol G and Anuel were unable to enter the room, prompting them to call for assistance. Upon finding a way inside, the couple discovered that a robbery had taken place. 

“Upon attempting to open their hotel door, they could not get in, so they asked for hotel’s staff assistance, who let them in and that’s when they realized they’d been robbed,” explains Pablo Ortiz, captain of the Chilean police force. He also revealed that Anuel and Karol were not the exclusive targets, as many members of their staff lost items as well. “According to the report, not just the artists, but also their staff lost some items including backpacks, high-end luggage and cash.”

News outlet Teletrece claims the thieves used cloned key cards as a means of entry. As of now, authorities are doing their best to track them down, beginning with a thorough review of security footage. We can only hope Anuel AA and Karol G find their belongings once again. More on this as it develops.