Antonio Brown Ponders What Could Have Been With Tom Brady & The Patriots


Antonio Brown was the center of attention for the first part of the NFL season thanks to his antics that got him promptly kicked off of the Oakland Raiders. Brown is one of the best wide receivers in the league so it wasn’t exactly a surprise when Bill Belichick swooped in and signed him to the New England Patriots. After signing with the team, he was immediately accused of ual assault in a recent lawsuit and was released from the team after just one game and countless other off-the-field antics. 

Since his release from the Patriots, Brown has been jonesing around for his money and is trying to recoup all of the guaranteed dollars he lost. Now that he is without a team, he is looking back fondly on his career and recently, he retweeted Skip Bayless of all people, who pondered what it would be like if Brown was still on the Patriots.

Based on AB’s interaction with the post, it’s clear that he is feeling the same way about his partnership with TB12. It appears as though Brown and Brady were already good friends, with the six-time Super Bowl champion going to bat for AB countless times. If it weren’t for the wishes of Robert Kraft, Brown would probably still be on the Patriots right now so the wide receiver must be feeling a little nostalgic.

Perhaps once the investigation against Brown is complete, he can come back and help the Patriots win yet another Super Bowl.