Antonio Brown Denies Threatening Retirement Over Helmet Grievance


Oakland Raiders fans were in complete disbelief when it was revealed that on top of Antonio Brown’s frostbitten foot, he was also threatening retirement over a helmet grievance he filed with the NFL. Essentially, Brown wanted to play with his old helmet but it was banned by the NFL and he didn’t like what they were giving him. Brown eventually lost his grievance and now has to play with whatever they give him. It seems like the Raiders star wide receiver is finally back at training camp and is just waiting on his foot to heal before he gets any playing time.

Michael Gehlken, a beat reporter for the Raiders, got to speak with Brown about the whole situation and according to the wide receiver, reports that he threatened retirement are completely false.

“I don’t know where they got that, who made that up, either. Why would I retire, man? I’ve got a beautiful career. I’m healthy. I love to play the game,” Brown said. “I’m grateful to play the game”

Brown also spoke about his foot injury and whether or not they’re healing properly. As he explains, everything should sort itself out soon.

“My feet are healing in the right direction. I’m just ready to be around my teammates and get to work and be with the guys,” Brown stated.

Moving forward, Brown and the Raiders can focus on the upcoming season which can only be a good thing for the squad.