Antonio Brown Calls Out The "Sheep" In Latest Cryptic IG Post


Antonio Brown has had a whirlwind of a week that all started when it was revealed that he had frostbitten feet due to a trip inside of a cryogenic chamber. If that wasn’t enough antics for Oakland Raiders fans to put up with, Brown started to threaten the team with retirement after his helmet was banned by the league. Brown doesn’t like any of the options they were trying to give him and ended up filing a grievance against the NFL. Since then, Brown has backed off a little bit and is willing to use a new helmet, although he wants to make the league liable for any injuries he may sustain.

Earlier today, the league finally issued a statement about the whole ordeal and Raiders fans are eager for it all to be put to bed finally. In the midst of all of this, Brown took to Instagram to address those who have voiced their opinions on what he’s doing. As you can imagine from a player like Brown, he’s blaming everyone else for not seeing things the way he does.

”Pollitoooo Wolves don’t loose sleep over the opinions of sheep,” Brown wrote. Based on the caption, it appears as though he is taking issue with those criticizing him for taking a stand. Of course, it doesn’t seem like there is a single person on his side here but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

This has certainly been one of the most hilarious sagas in the history of the league.