Ansel Elgort is the Face Of New Polo Red Rush Fragrance Campaign


Ansel Elgort is the newest face Ralph Lauren’s latest fragrance campaign, Polo Red Rush. The actor, singer, songwriter and DJ appeared in the ficial video released today (July 25), which features an action-packed 95-second short film featuring Elgort and the film’s love interest.

The Fault in Our Stars actor is first seen admiring a curly-haired female DJ from across the room, and he captures her attention with a st smile. After ditching the party, they speed in a bright red corvette down an L.A. highway before switching to race two vintage mustangs. The exhilarating video concludes with the two jumping f a cliff, reuniting in the murky water below.

The song used throughout the campaign is “Home Alone,” an upbeat single that Elgort dropped last year. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Elgort talked about the decision to use his debut dance single in the campaign.

“Originally, I wanted to make a brand new song for the campaign, but everyone kept saying how much they loved ‘Home Alone,’ the first song I’ve ever put out as Ansel Elgort. They sent me the first cut the commercial, and all a sudden it had that song on it. It really did fit, so I said, ‘OK, let’s use it,'” the 24-year-old explained.

The Polo Red Rush Fragrance is the fourth in the red series, fering a new take on the classic Polo Red with additional freshness driven by red mandarin, fresh mint and dry cedarwood.

Watch the steamy "Polo Red Rush" campaign video below.