Angela Yee Discusses Charlamagne Tha God Not Having Her Back With Gucci Mane Interview


She may be back to following Charlamagne Tha God on social media, but that doesn’t mean Angela Yee isn’t finished airing out her grievances with her co-worker. The Breakfast Club hosts have been friends and worked together for years, so when Gucci Mane resurfaced with allegations that he was banned from the radio show because of Angela, she felt as if Charlamagne should have had her back. Instead of retreating from the situation, Charlamagne used the opportunity to chat with the rapper for a one-on-one interview, but Angela didn’t feel as if that move showed Charlamagne’s loyalty to their relationship.

Angela recently visited Say What’s In Live TV and was asked by DJ Quicksilva if there was any truth to what Gucci said. “What do you think?” Angela asked. “Fortunately, people that know me in real life would be like, c’mon, that’s ridiculous. I understand people don’t know me before The Breakfast Club so they don’t understand [that] I had a show where we talked really crazy all the times. Envy used to be like, ‘I don’t know if Angela can come to FM radio because the way she talks is so crazy.’ But I think that mature adults know that you can discuss in conversations but that doesn’t mean that someone likes you.” Angela added that she has the full interview so if she needs to pull out receipts, she will.

She was also questioned about her friendship with Charlamagne and if there was any tension lingering. “I knew he was doing the interview, I just think that in general, if you work with somebody and someone is saying things like nasty things you can’t even say on the radio in a really derogatory way, whether or not you work with that person…talking about a woman that way, ’cause I have never called anybody out of their name, I think that’s the real issue. You can’t just sit there and laugh when something like that happens.” Check out the clips of Angela’s interview below.

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