Angela Simmons Stuns In Orange String Bikini Before 32nd Birthday


A few months back, Angela Simmons’ ex Bow Wow was trying to win her back in an attempt gone wrong since another one of his side chicks smashed his car window and ruined everything. We can only assume that where ever Bow Wow is now, he’s probably wishing things worked out since Angela has shared a couple of images on Instagram that’s the ultimate thirst trap. 

As seen below, Angela’s not ready for summer to be over yet since she’s seen posted up on a yacht in a two-piece string bikini striking a y pose. 

The series of images seem to be accompanying a countdown to Angela’s 32nd birthday that lands on tomorrow, September 18th. 

A while back, Angela posted a video to her feed that had her explaining ways she gets over her issues and finds strength in God. A user responded to her feed asking just exactly what her issues are considering she seemingly has no money issues, can afford childcare and isn’t struggling to pay the bills.

 “It’s not necessary that I share all of my personal issues. However, I am here to uplift. And I pray that you have a blessed day,” Angela wrote.