Andrew Yang Says "Pornography Is A Real Problem" In New Tweet


Until this point, Andrew Yang has been one of the internet’s more popular candidates, but this new opinion might not be his most popular. In a new tweet, Yang decided to take on access to ography writing, “As a parent of young kids I believe rampant access to ography is a real problem. We need to empower families to be able to moderate what our kids see and when.”

The tweet resulted in a very polarizing response. Some users were very against Yang’s position, leaving responses such as, “bro you just lost like 95% of your support” and “This ultimately falls on the parents chief, not the governments problem.” Some were also supportive of the presidential hopeful, “It’s great to see a presidential candidate brave enough to say this publicly! Porn isn’t a partisan issue. Thinking that kids shouldn’t be regularly using hardcore before their first date or first kiss isn’t ‘anti-.’ It’s common sense.”

As for how Yang would regulate the internet is unknown. One user made this important point saying, “In 2019 with the technology we have, do you HONESTLY think you can limit much of anything anymore? There’s nothing you can do. Somethings in this would just exist. You figure out how to live with it.”