Andrew Wiggins Appears To Take Shots At Tom Thibodeau’s Coaching


Andrew Wiggins was seen as the great Canadian savior coming out of high school and while playing with Kansas, scouts marveled at his talent. Wiggins was a victim of circumstance as he was traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves fairly soon after being drafted. Wiggins’ departure was in line with LeBron James’ return to Cleveland and to this day, NBA fans wonder what would have happened had Wiggins stayed in Ohio. 

During his first few years in Minny, Wiggins looked pretty promising but the last couple of seasons have seen him hit a bit of a decline. The young star isn’t nearly as efficient as he used to be and at times, he seems timid on the court. While speaking with Derek James of Canis Hoopus, Wiggins appeared to blame his struggles on the arrival of Tom Thibodeau who came in a few years after he was drafted.

Andrew Wiggins Appears To Take Shots At Tom Thibodeau's Coaching

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

“I feel like I was on the rise my first three years and then some changes were made,” Wiggins said. 

The Timberwolves star didn’t delve deeper into what those changes were but it doesn’t take a genius to deduce what he meant. Luckily for Wiggins, Thibodeau was fired this past season and now, Ryan Saunders will be taking over the bench. If Saunders can get on the same page as Wiggins, perhaps the young Canadian can have a career resurgence.