Andrew Bogut Appears To Scold LeBron James With China Subtweet


LeBron James has completely flubbed this whole China situation with the NBA and now, everyone is coming for his throat. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar has built his whole brand upon being more than an athlete and standing up for disenfranchised people. With this whole China debacle, LeBron has completely undone his reputation as a beacon for social issues and his fans are beginning to take notice. Yesterday, LeBron jerseys were being burned in the streets of Hong Kong while pundits explained just how wrong LeBron was on this issue.

International NBA players like Enes Kanter have been adamant about their distaste for LeBron’s stance and now, another voice is entering the arena. Former NBA star and current NBL player Andrew Bogut took to Twitter with a bit of subtweet today which was obviously being directed at LeBron.

Unfortunately, neither Kanter or Bogut has explicitly tagged LeBron in these tweets which would certainly add to the optics of it all. For now, LeBron seems to be fed up with talking about China so we doubt he’ll have anything to say to these players. Perhaps LeBron will have a change of heart once he’s truly realized how the public perception of him has changed.