Andrea Di Giovanni Gets Real About Consent on New EP ‘Permission’: Listen


Dark-pop singer Andrea Di Giovanni has prided himself on not only being an upcoming talent in the world of pop, but on being a staunch activist for human rights, both in and outside the music industry. With his latest EP, the singer is making that point even more clear.

On Thursday (May 16), Giovanni dropped his new EP Permission, a moody-yet-playful project that explores a lighter sound for the singer, along with delivering an important message about the state of the world. On songs like “Permission,” “Versatile” and “Bye Baby,” Giovanni uses his lighter sound to talk about difficult topics like sexual assault and LGBTQ rights.

In a statement released with the new EP, Giovanni said he wanted to deliver a powerful message without having to make his songs slow and sad. “There’s always a hidden political message and value to my lyrics, but this time around with tracks like ‘Bye Baby,’ ‘Permission,’ ‘Know Better’ I’m exploring the theme of relationships with a more lighthearted and sassy attitude,” he said. “I’ve learned my lessons with love and now it’s time to just party and have fun.”

Specifically on the the titular track "Permission," Giovanni offers up an important message on consent, as he sings about permitting his lover to touch him before the two begin their lovemaking. That's something Giovanni said he wanted to see more of in the music industry: "Rape is such a big issue globally within many creative industries and communities, consent is something that should be discussed continuously throughout our lives," he said.

He added that he finds the title of the EP to be ironic, considering his newfound attitude about life. “I don’t need no permission anymore,” he said. “I’m me, flamboyant, extra and I make no apologies for that. I am just me, no matter the label of what society gives me.”

Check out Andrea di Giovanni’s new EP Permission below: