Andre Iguodala Threatens To Haunt Kid’s Dreams Over Autograph


Over the past few days, Andre Iguodala has been one of the most visible players in the NBA as he’s been out and about promoting his new book. For instance, Iggy was out in New York yesterday where he spoke to the Breakfast Club about a plethora of topics including Mark Jackson and even the way the Golden State Warriors treat their injured stars. Iguodala has been coming through with some pretty interesting information and has even been doing a bit of fan service.

A fan posted on Instagram yesterday with a photo of him and Iguodala standing outside in New York. Iggy even signed a photo for the kid which was also posted to Instagram. Of course, Iguodala saw an opportunity to be humorous and jokingly threatened the young man by saying “you sell this ima haunt you in your dreams.”