Andre Iguodala Confesses That He Hates Being Called "Iggy"


When you become a significant player in the NBA, you’re usually graced with a nickname that ends up defining you for the rest of your career. The problem with nicknames is that you typically don’t get to choose your own. Instead, it’s your peers that will decide what your moniker is going to be. If you’re an Andre Iguodala fan, you’re well aware of the fact that he’s referred to as “Iggy” around the league. While “Iggy” has followed him around for a long time now, it hasn’t stopped him from hating when people call him that.

In a new interview with Marc Stein of The New York Times, Iguodala explains how he hated the nickname for a long time but has gotten used to it over time. The Warriors player compares the name to his role as the sixth man on Golden State and how he had to gradually embrace that role.

“I was always like, ‘Stop calling me that,’” Iguodala said, “I don’t hate it as much as I used to — I don’t mind if people who know me call me Iggy. You just learn to embrace it.”

Iguodala has won three NBA championships with the Warriors and even won Finals MVP back in 2015 thanks to his staunch defense against LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers.