Anderson .Paak on His Upcoming 'Oxnard' Project: 'This Is the Album I Dreamed of Making in High School'


Fans have been clamoring for a new Anderson .Paak album since he fired f his magnum opus Malibu in 2016. Though there have been whispers and rumblings about a new project in 2018, we have yet to receive concrete information regarding his upcoming endeavor. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, though, the R&B hyphenate silences skeptics by revealing the name his next album and what the project entails. 

Titled, Oxnard -- in honor  .Paak's hometown in Southern California -- he explains his back-to-basics mentality and how he used that approach to tackle his new album.

“Everything we made for Malibu we made from the dirt. We had the bare minimum," says the SoCal crooner. "Fast forward two years: Now, it’s trying to keep that same mentality, but when you have everything. When you’ve been eating calamari and lobster, when you’ve been going to festivals and playing for 40,000 people. You finally have a tour bus. You have two kids now, and a wife to support. You’re trying to keep the same principles you had when you just had a couch.

“When you go everywhere, you just hold on to the things that made you,” he adds. 

.Paak also touches on how important it was for him to conclude his revered "beach series" with Oxnard, which doesn't yet have an announced release date. “You know, we went to Venice, we went to Malibu,” .Paak says, “so it’s only right that we take it to the next place, up the coast, up to the next beach.”

In addition to punctuating his series, .Paak notes how vital it was for him to pepper a heavy dose ambition when piecing together Oxnard. “I feel like ambition is missing from today’s music,” he explained. “This is the album I dreamed making in high school, when I was listening to Jay-Z]’s The Blueprint, The Game’s The Documentary, and Kanye West’s] The College Dropout.

With Dr. Dre and Madlib set to play integral roles on the production front for Oxnard, .Paak might be on the road to something special. Read his interview with Rolling Stone here.