An Animator is Meticulously Creating a Pixel Art Version of Childish Gambino's 'This is America' Video


Animator Pinot Ichwandardi is painstakingly assembling a shot-for-shot, pixel art version Childish Gambino's “This is America,” video using an old Mac computer. 

Over the course a month, Ichwandardi has recreated 470 frames. He described his process as “pixel-knitting”, telling VICE “it’s like riding a classic car.”

“The technology’s] limitation becomes a new value, new art. All forgiven, every single flaw like ‘not enough memory’ is permissible… with this method, the process itself becomes more important than the result. The process is the story,” he adds. “This is the reason I posted the process on my Twitter thread. Without those processes, the result is just another piece pixel art, generated by modern machine.”

In one post, the animator documents the gear that he is using: a Macintosh 128K with MacPaint 1.5 & Summagraphics MacTablet, among other bits classic gear. Ichwandardi has been detailing the process on his Twitter account almost daily. See some his progress below.