‘America’s Got Talent’ Alum Chase Goehring Challenges the Importance Of ‘Image’ in New Song: Exclusive


Back in 2017, indie pop singer Chase Goehring, then 21, got the golden buzzer from guest judge DJ Khaled after a performance of his original song "A Capella." With Ed Sheeran-esque hints of rapping and introspective lyricism, DJ Khaled commented on just that, "The lyrics, they’re so real and authentic…you’re on your way to being a star." 

Well, looks like "Wild Thoughts" hitmaker was right, because the world has been watching the emerging talent. As Goehring gears up for the release of his Crimson EP, Billboard is exclusively premiering one of its tracks, "Image," today (Aug. 30).

“I had taken some meetings with potential managers a while ago, and I [received] recommendations to change some things about me, both artistically and physically," Goehring tells Billboard. "That didn’t sit well, so I decided to continue doing what I do and being who I am. I think, regardless of peer pressure, or the careers that we may choose, it’s important to stay true to who we are.”

“I’ve kind of always had a curiosity about the importance of one's image in society; what’s the ‘best' image, why is that the best image, etc. What I’ve found is that none of us have an image that is set in stone…who we are changes as we grow and mature and that’s okay. That’s the message I wanted to get across," he says.

The song is an indie pop dream, beginning with a whimsical piano before diving into Goehring's honest verse over reverberating bass and dreamy guitar: "It’s all about the image/ What can I do to fit in/ How can I fix myself to make the people wanna listen?" The singer uses his pure voice to deliver these thoughts with both a confidence and vulnerability, making for a relatable (and downright catchy) tune.

Crimson is set to arrive on Sept. 27. Until then, listen to "Image" below.