Amber Liu Rebels Against Having Her ‘Hands Behind My Back’ in New Music Watch


Ahead of the release of her upcoming album X, Amber Liu shared her new song “Hands Behind My Back” on Friday (Sept. 20). 

The first song from Liu since she departed South Korean company SM Entertainment, where she got her start as a member of the girl group f(x) a decade ago, “Hands Behind My Back” is a captivating dance track, where the singer expresses her anxieties at feeling like she has her hands tied behind her back by external forces.

“Hands Behind My Back” was released through an impactful music video that features Liu trapped in what appears to be a psychiatric hospital, where people are kept against their will and forced into silence with masks over the bottom half of their faces. After trying to make a getaway with another fellow patient, she’s caught and put into a more restrictive mask. 

X, which follows last year's Rogue Rouge mixtape, is set to be a six-track release coming from Liu soon. Though no release date has been announced, it is self-produced by Liu, as per a tweet by Day6’s Jae, who heralded the upcoming album as “an incredibly important project for the development of Korean American artists transitioning to America.” (Liu was born in California, and her family is from Taiwan.)

 Watch the music video for “Hands Behind My Back” below ahead of the album's release.