Alyx Ander Starts a '90s Party on 'Casually' With Redondo & Maria Z: Listen


The best part the '90s revival is all those old house feels coming back, and it's even more exciting when the golden era R&B pop gets in on the action. Miami-based producer Alyx Ander's latest tune catches that vibe. “Casually,” a collaboration with Redondo, is an uplifting beat and a warm piano melody topped by a vocal from Maria Z that recalls the funkier side Mariah Carey.

“Maria and I have been trying to work together again for three years, ever since we made ‘Close Enough,'” Ander says in an emailed statement. “When Redondo and I started working with her on this one, we knew right away that we had something special. I can’t wait to play this for people live.”

Ander says he had “a blast” making “Casually,” and you can feel that fun-loving energy in the production. He'll definitely drop it in all his summer sets, like his upcoming performance at EDC Las Vegas. “Casually” is out now on Spinnin Records. Listen to it below.