Aly & Fila Celebrate Future Sounds Of Egypt 600 With Classic Rave Single ‘Sands Of Time’: Exclusive


It's said one needs to work 10,000 hours to become a master at any given thing, and while 600 two-hour shows doesn't quite hit that mark, we've got to give it up to Aly & Fila. The Egyptian trance duo started its mix series Future Sounds of Egypt in February of 2006, and this month, it celebrates its 600th episode with a return to classic rave form FSOE's enchanting anthem, "Sands of Time."

“We are very proud to deliver our new single," Aly & Fila tell Billboard Dance in a joint statement. "The track is a very driving track with a really catchy melody, and the breakdown takes you on a journey with the synth. The vocal in the breakdown is very mysterious. We’re really happy with the final outcome."

"Driving" is truly the right adjective. "Sands of Time" bursts out the speakers with a quick bpm that still manages to find serenity in drifting synth melodies. It's bright and emotional, a real throwback to trance's early glory days. Aly & Fila will bring it's heavy beat to stages around the world as part of a tour in celebration of FSOE 600. The tour kicks off Oct. 4 at Heracleion Festival in Egypt, though the duo will also host a FSOE takeover at a Tomorrowland arena. 

"Sands of Time" also serves as the fourth single from the Aly & Fila's forthcoming sixth album It's All About The Melody. The song is out everywhere Monday, June 24, but you can listen to it a few days early, exclusively on Billboard Dance.