Alx Veliz Returns With Epic Fusion Of Pop and Urban On ‘Boom Bye Bye’: Exclusive


In 2015, Alx Veliz proved that he was ahead of the game with his multicultural fusion hit “Dancing Kizomba.” Now, he's officially returning to the scene with “Boom Bye Bye,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Aug. 15).

The refreshing pop-urban song not only fuses Veliz’s Canadian, Guatemalan and Jamaican roots but also sends an important message of self-love. 

"I got my inspiration from the '90s teen romantic comedies. Boy falls in love with girl, girl overlooks boy, boy grows up, now girl wants boy, but it's too late,” Veliz explains. "This song is dedicated to all those exes that overlooked us, mistreated us and/or didn't value our love, just to later realize a little too late that what they were looking for was in front of them the whole time."

In the music video, Veliz starts off as a waiter in a restaurant, who's crushing on the beautiful bartender. She, however, has the hots for someone else at their job. Towards the end of the clip, Veliz is seen partying at the club with a group of friends, bidding a "boom bye bye" to his crush. 

Get a first look at the video for “Boom Bye Bye” below.