Altopalo Deliver Dual Singles 'Glow' & 'Wikcer': Exclusive


New York indie band Altopalo are getting listeners acclimated to their experimental sound with a duo singles — "Wikcer" and "Glow" — leading up to the release their debut album frozenthere on Sept. 12 Samedi Records.

The rollout to frozenthere has worked like an ever-expanding puzzle with each release diverging drastically from its predecessor, constantly knocking the band’s calibration f and adjusting expectations for how a complete work would coalesce their indefinable sound. It’s on the dual package “Glow” and “Wikcer” that the band breaks the chasm unexplored opportunities wide open and the full picture begins to come into view.

The two latest tracks tie the threads Altopalo’s sonic palette together with the tinges R&B, soul and pop filling out the meticulously constructed, cavernous rock soundscapes. They have never seemed more grounded, in part due to the band connecting the music to tangible settings and the human experience.

"’Glow’ and ‘Wikcer’ are arguably the most human tracks on frozenthere,” the band tells Billboard. “A fight around the dinner table that you can’t scrub out your memory, a story that remains unfinished, and a big question about the legacy our lives — people stuff.”

Though Altopalo creates music that can feel ethereal to the point being otherworldly, their real trick is pulling their transformative ideas and sounds from the commonplace. The band shows a specificity in the visuals that inspire their songs in detailed descriptions that portray “Wikcer” as feeling like “the dark stain on the walls the inside a wooden shack” while “Glow” could represent “a field flora in between breaths under an overcast sky."

The quartet fers a refreshing challenge to the confines modern rock that illuminates that the way to ascend the routine is just by looking deeper.

Altopalo will host a release show for frozenthere at Elsewhere Zone One in Brooklyn on Sept. 15. Tickets are available now here.

Check out “Glow” and “Wikcer” below.