Aloe Blacc Breaks Down Nostalgic Ballad 'Brooklyn In The Summer': Exclusive


Finding love can be a beautiful thing, but letting go is where the challenge begins, especially when certain places or moments bring to mind special memories from a former relationship. For Aloe Blacc, Brooklyn reminds him a former lover and he reminisces about all the feelings the NYC borough brings back in his new song “Brooklyn In The Summer.” 

Here, Blacc breaks down latest single and explains that he wanted listeners to have a vivid image what he's singing about, which is why he began the song with the line, “Remember we sat in the cold, no money in Montreal/Underneath that waterfall nobody else ever saw.” 

“Starting the song f with 'Remember we sat in the cold,' you already get an idea being with someone through thick and thin, with no money in a foreign city,” he says. “That sets up the dichotomy deep love and deep depression not being in love anymore.” 

When Blacc reaches the chorus, he finds himself grappling with the demise his relationship and tries to convince himself he has to eventually move on even though he knows he'll be reminded her again.

“To say someone feels like Brooklyn in the summer is the memory that every year, this memory is gonna come back and it's gonna haunt you and you're gonna feel those pains wishing the relationship was still together,” he continues. “It's not all bad because Brooklyn in the summer is so much fun that you can still go out and find your way and maybe fall in love again.”

Watch Aloe Blacc break down “Brooklyn In The Summer” below.