Allie X Goes for a Night Drive on Sensual 'Science': Listen


Allie X rolls on with her ambitious, alter ego-laden rollout for her upcoming album Super Sunset with a new track “Science” out today (Aug. 17).

Arriving pre-packaged with a lyric video that falls squarely in the aesthetic  previous singles “Focus” and “Not So Bad In L.A," "Science" fleshes out Sci-Fi Girl, the third and final persona that will anchor Super Sunset. 

"She's usually got a neon bowl cut,” says the “Paper Love” singer Sci-Fi Girl. “She embodies the Allie X persona, I think. The person that I have shown myself to the world as, how I've used my quirks as a protective layer."

Immersed in gated drums and crystallized synths, “Science” is a silky night-ride affair that slots in neatly with “Crazy for You”-era Madonna, the Drive soundtrack, and the litany ‘80s-reworked pop songs that have pervaded YouTube in recent years. “Drive up right into the storm and fade into the night,” Allie X (or Sci-Fi Girl) sighs in the passenger seat to her companion.

Allie X will continue to release a new single in anticipation Super Sunset every month. Super Sunset is due out this fall.

Watch the "Science" lyric video below: